How do I configure the advanced field settings?

This article explains the Advanced Field Settings options in EPM Live Analytics reports.   The steps are applicable whether you are building a new report or updating an existing report.

1. Navigate to the EPM Live Analytics Reports Page

  1. On the navigation menu, select Reports to open the Business Intelligence Center.
  2. Click EPM Live Analytics.

2. Open Report Designer

  1. If you are on the Reports landing page, hover over a report to show the Print and Edit icon buttons.  Click the Edit icon.  -- Or --
  2. If you are already viewing a report, click the Open in Designer icon.

3. Open Advanced Field Settings

Any field row that already has advanced field settings configured will show with a green check mark.  

Click the Advanced Field Settings icon for the desired row.

4. Advanced Field Settings

  • Column Group: Applies a label to this column that can work over multiple consecutive columns. Any other column that shares the same label will be included in the grouping.
  • Hide this Field: Hides the field from display when report the is ran. Useful for using expressions on multiple fields but when only one of the fields should be displayed.
  • Sort (z-a): Sorts in descending order
  • Italic: Shows the field text in italics
  • Bold: Shows the field text in bold
  • Width: Set the width of the column in number of pixels
  • Label Justification: Justifies the label/heading for the field as left, right, or middle
  • Value Justification: Justifies the text values for the field as left, right, or middle
  • Subreport: Sets the drill-down child report. The list contains only reports that have a drill-down key set for them.  Note: The "Automatic" option will attempt to choose a subreport by matching the drill-down key to the selected field and cannot discern between two sub-reports that use the same drill-down key.
  • Drill-Down Style: Sets the style for how the subreport shows.
  • URL: Allows you to define a custom Url to redirect to when the subreport is accessed.
  • Subtotal Function: Sets a customized function for subtotals displayed with this field. The default value is "Sum". This only applies to the bottom subtotals and not the side subtotals.
  • Gradient Cells Shading: Sets whether cells will use a gradient or solid colors for shading. The larger the value in the cell is, the darker the shading will become.
  • Text Highlight: Highlights the text for a given range. You can refer to the Styles tab for a list of valid colors. Example: "5 to 6:Blue;7 to 10:Red".
  • Cell Highlight: Highlights the entire cell for a given range. This follows the same rules as text highlight.
  • Value Ranges: Lets you set text values for number ranges. (i.e. setting this to 0 to 10:Under will display the text "Under" when it encounters a value between 0 and 10 for that column).
  • Expression: Allows you to define a customized mathematical or SQL expression to show as the value for the column cells. This box accepts code which allows for calculations (add, multiply, subtract, or divide) on fields provided by the connection string or view.

4.1. Drill-Down Styles

  • Link – opens in same browser window
  • Link (New Window) – opens in new browser window
  • Embedded – embeds the drill-down results into the main report
  • Popup – opens the results on a pop-up screen
  • Hover - Shows the sub-report when you hover the mouse over the item that the sub-report is linked to
  • ComboKey - Used in combination with one of the above. When this setting is chosen for the second drilldown key, the value of both fields will be passed from the main report to the sub-report.



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