How do I change the report colors?

This article explains how you can change the colors of the data table's border, header, and rows of an EPM Live Analytics report.  

1. Navigate to the EPM Live Analytics Reports Page

  1. On the navigation menu, select Reports to open the Business Intelligence Center.
  2. Click EPM Live Analytics.

2. Open Report Designer

  1. If you are on the Reports landing page, hover over a report to show the Print and Edit icon buttons.  Click the Edit icon.  -- Or --
  2. If you are already viewing a report, click the Open in Designer icon.

3. Navigate to Style Tab

Select the Style tab.

4. Select New Colors

There are six separate controls that you can use to select the colors used for various elements on your report. You can see the results of your changes in the sample grid that is displayed directly below the drop down menus. The colors that can be changed are: Border color, Header color, Header foreground color, Item color, Item foreground color, and Alternating item color.

  1. Border Color: Affects the color of the border surrounding your grid cells
  2. Header Color: Affects the background color of the report header columns. If you use visual grouping, this affects all header columns in each visual group.
  3. Header Foreground Color: Affects the text color of every header column in your report.
  4. Item Color: Affects the background color of the odd numbered report items.
  5. Item Foreground Color: Affects the text color of all report items.
  6. Alternating Item Color: Affects the background color of the even numbered report items.
  7. Click Restore Default to return to the default color palette and settings.
  8. Sample Grid: Shows a sample of what the selected colors will look like.  

4.1. Preview of Changed Colors



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