How do I add the report title, headers, and footer?

This article explains how to add the report title, header, and footer in an EPM Live Analytics report.  The Miscellaneous (Misc) tab allows you to add a title, description, header, and footer to the report. It also allows justification to be used on each of these items. This is also where the sharing and Scheduling controls are located as well as tools to create a drill-down.

1. Navigate to the EPM Live Analytics Reports Page

  1. On the navigation menu, select Reports to open the Business Intelligence Center.
  2. Click EPM Live Analytics.

2. Open Report Designer

  1. If you are on the Reports landing page, hover over a report to show the Print and Edit icon buttons.  Click the Edit icon.  -- Or --
  2. If you are already viewing a report, click the Open in Designer icon.

3. Navigate to Misc Tab

Select the Misc tab.

4. Enter Title, Header, and Footer

Here you add the report title, description, header, and footer.

  1. Report Header Image Justification: Allows you to select the justification (left, middle, right) of the Report Header
  2. Title: Enter the report title. You may also select the justification for the title.
  3. Description: Enter the report description. You may also select the justification for the description.
  4. Report Header: Enter the report header.
  5. Page Header: Enter the page header.
  6. Footer: Enter the report footer. You may also select the justification for the footer.


4.1. Preview of Title and Description



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