What is the Software Development App?

This lesson defines the Software Development App.

Note: The use case for this app is that it can be used alone and is not built specifically for one methodology or another.

View the Software Development App Features

View the Software Development App features. The EPM Live Software Development App allows you to easily manage your software development projects using agile iterative planning to effectively keep track of backlog tasks, user stories, bugs, etc. You can build your own project iterations (Sprints), as well as assess which backlog items are ready for planning. Then, the EPM Live Agile Planner can be used to assign team members backlog tasks, user stories, and defects. Backlog item status can be easily assessed via the whiteboard-type view. Valuable reporting information can also be analyzed, such as the number of backlog items or timesheet hours per feature. These reports can be used to quickly see where the most money is being spent, and which features have the greatest number of issues. The included test case app allows for organized storage of all test cases in a central location for quick reference when testing. The Software Development App will allow you to manage software development projects within the same system that is used to manage other projects.



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