How do I view an SSRS Backlog Velocity Report?

Velocity is how much product backlog effort a team can handle in one sprint. This can be estimated by viewing previous sprints, assuming the team composition and sprint duration are kept constant. It can also be established on a sprint-by-sprint basis, using commitment-based planning. This article covers viewing an SSRS  Backlog Velocity Report in EPM Live.

1. Click the Reports Link

  • Click the Reports Link on the Navigation Menu.

Note: Depending on the configuration of your site, the Reports link may appear in the Software Dev Community List of links.

2. Click the Classic Reporting Option

  • Click the Classic Reporting option.

3. Click to Plus (+) Sign to the Left of the Reporting Services Reports

  • Click to plus (+) sign to the left of the Reporting Services Reports

4. Click to Plus (+) Sign to the Software Folder

  • Click to plus (+) sign to the Software folder.

5. Click the Backlog Velocity Link

  • Click the Backlog Velocity link.

6. Enter the Parameters

  1. Enter the parameters.
  2. Click Apply.

7. View the Backlog Velocity Chart

View the Backlog Velocity Chart. The colors are based off the status:

  • Green equals Completed
  • Blue equals In Progress
  • White equals Not Started
  • Read equals waiting on someone else



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