How do I use the Whiteboard List?

Backlog item status can be easily accessed via the Whiteboard List view. This is where see what has not started, what is in progress, and what is complete. Filters can be applied to display just the active projects or perhaps only one particular project. Backlog item status can be easily accessed via the whiteboard view. Valuable reporting information can also be analyzed, such as the number of backlog items per feature. These reports can be used to quickly see where the most money is being spent, and which features have the greatest number of issues.The Whiteboard Page in EPM Live is like a big visible chart with imaginary index cards. Within the visible chart you can move the index cards into another status column. An added value is that the visible charts can be accessed by the team and others. This article covers using the Whiteboard within EPM Live.

1. Click the Whiteboard Link

  • Click the Whiteboard link on the Navigation Menu.

2. View the Whiteboard

  • View the Whiteboard. Note the Not Started, In Progress, and Completed columns.

3. Click the Edit Item Button

  1. Select the Backlog Item in the Whiteboard List.
  2. Click the Edit Item button.

4. Update the Status

  1. Click the Status drop down menu.
  2. Click the appropriate status.

5. Click the Save Button

  • Click Save.

6. Refresh the Screen

  1. Click the F5 key to refresh the screen.
  2. View the backlog item in the In Progress column (updated status).



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