How do I update Remaining Work (To Do) on items in the Backlog?

Software teams estimate their work as a part of planning. Teams track the original estimates, the amount of work completed, and the amount of work remaining. The estimates give the team a good starting point, the amount of completed work shows the progress, and remaining work helps the team understand how far they are from completion. Tracking original estimates helps the team over time improve their ability to estimate.  Once an estimate is created, the team turns its attention to remaining work (how much work remains).  The To Do field is used to enter remaining work. This lesson covers using the Backlog Edit View Form to enter remaining work estimates in the To Do field.

1. Click the Edit Item Button

  1. Select the backlog item in the Backlog List.
  2. Click the Edit Item button.

2. Enter the Estimated Remaining Work in the To Do Field

  • Enter the Estimated Remaining Work hours in the To Do Field. The To Do field represents the remaining work to be done in hours.

3. Click the Save Button

  • Click Save.



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