How do I publish a schedule from the Project Agile Planner?

Once a schedule has been created and saved in the Project Agile Planner, it is possible to publish the schedule. Team members will automatically be notified via emails and via the General Notifications button of the work items assigned. The assignments will appear in places like the My Work List, the Backlog List, and more. This article covers publishing a schedule from the Project Agile Planner.

1. Click the Save Button

  • The Publishing button will be grayed out until the schedule is saved. Click Save.

2. Click the Publish Button

  • Click Publish.

Note: The Save, Publish, and Close buttons are available on all three tabs.

3. Click the Close Button

  • Click Close.

4. Click the Home Link

  • Click the Home link on the Navigation Menu and view the work items assigned in the My Work web part.

5. Click the Backlog Link

  • Click the Backlog link on the Navigation Menu.

6. View the Backlog Items

  • View the Backlog items.

7. Click the General Notifications Button

  • Click the General Notifications button.

8. View the General Notifications List

  • View the list of items assigned and if you are responsible for approving certain items then notifications on updates waiting for your approval will be reflected in this list.



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