How do I process updates in the Project Agile Planner?

After team members update the backlog items assigned to them in either the Backlog View Form or in the My Work web part the updates can be processed in the Project Agile Planner. This article covers using the Process Updates feature in the Project Agile Planner.

1. Click the Edit Plan Button

  1. Check the box to the left of the project name.
  2. Click the Edit Plan button.

2. Click the Project Agile Planner Box

  • Click the Project Agile Planner box.

3. Click the Process Updates Link

  • Click the Process Updates link.

4. Double Click the Item Name to View the Details

  • Double click the name of the item to view the details.

5. View the Details

  1. View the details. Any changes will be highlighted in yellow.
  2. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the details window.

6. Check the Accept / Reject Updates Box

  1. Check the box below the green check-mark to accept the update. Check the box below the red X to reject the update.
  2. Click the Process button.


7. Click the Save Button

  • Click Save. Once you have saved the updates, the Updates prompt will disappear.

8. Click the Publish Button

  • Click Publish when ready to publish your changes.

9. Click the Close Button

  • Click Close when ready to exit the Project Agile Planner.



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