How do I create an Iteration / Sprint in the Project Agile Planner?

An iteration is a time period (usually 2 to 4 weeks) in which team members develop and deliver a set of functionalities (user stories). This lesson covers creating an iteration in the Project Agile Planner and entering the start and finish dates.

1. Launch the Project Agile Planner

  1. Starting in the Projects List, check the box to the left of the project name.
  2. Click the Edit Plan button.

2. Click the Project Agile Planner Box

  • Click the Project Agile Planner box.

3. Click the Iteration Button

  • Click the Iteration button under the Tasks tab.

4. Click in the New Iteration Box

  • Click in the New Iteration box.

5. Enter a Title

  • Enter a new title for the iteration and then tap your Enter key. View the entered iteration.

6. Drag Iteration Below Iteration 1

  • Drag the second iteration to below the first iteration. Drop when you see the down pointing green arrow.

7. Enter a Start Date

  1. Click the Start drop down menu.
  2. Select a start date for the iteration.

8. View the Iteration Start Date

  • View the iteration start date.

9. Enter a Finish Date

  1. Click the Finish drop down menu.
  2. Select a finish date for the iteration.

Note: An iteration is usually a 2 to 4 week period.

10. View the Finish Date

  • View the finish date.

11. Enter the Points Capacity

  • Enter the Points capacity in the grid to the right. Tap your Enter Key.

12. View the Available Points

  • View the Available Points.



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