How do I create a new project?

Each project is related to a specific piece of software in the Software Development App. A project can also be part of a portfolio. For example: If you had portfolios in your standard project management system (e.g. a portfolio to reduce costs) and now we start building this piece of software to reduce costs, this could be related but not required. This article covers adding a project in the Software Development App in EPM Live.

1. Click the Projects Link

  • Click the Projects link under the Software Heading on the Navigation Menu.

2. Click the New Item Button

  • Click the New Item button.

3. Enter Title

  • Enter the title and additional desired information.

4. Complete Additional Fields

  • Complete additional fields and click Save when ready.

5. Click the Close Button

  • View the View Form and when ready, click Close.

6. View the New Project Added to the Project List

  • View the new project added to the Project list.



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