SharePoint Central Administration Configuration - Set Up Analytics Reporting

This article explains how to set up Analytics in your EPM Live environment.  To properly install and activate the EPM Live Analytics feature, contact your EPM Live Installation Specialist for assistance.

1. Prepare for Analytics Reporting

  • Extract the API and UplandAnalytics folders to the folder that EPM Live was installed in.  They are located here by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\EPM Live\EPM Live 2013.
  • In the API folder, modify the web.config.  Change the value for “Web Application” to match the name of the IIS Site that hosts the EPM Live site collection.
  • In the Upland Analytics folder, modify the web.config file and fill out the connection string to go to the EPM Live database.

2. Create New IIS Sites

  • Create new IIS Sites for each API and UplandAnalytics.
  • Each site should use the same application pool as the site hosting EPMLive.
  • Typically we use a host header for each of these sites; i.e. and

3. Update Property Bag

  • Navigate to Properties Page.
  • Update the EPM Live Analytics URL to point to the site created in IIS.
  • Update the EPM Live API URL to point to the site created in IIS.



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