Pre-Installation - Required Information Prior to Installation

SharePoint Application Pool Account (if different than Farm Account)

Account must be domain account and not built in service account. This account will also be used to run Timer and Queue services that will be installed into Windows Services.  Account must be granted rights to Log On as Batch Job and Log on as a Service.  This account must be a Local Administrator on all servers.

The Web Application on which you want to install

This is the default web application to which you are installing EPM Live. If there are existing non-EPM Live sites, EPM Live requires creating a brand new farm.

SharePoint URL

This is the URL of the site that will be created using EPM Live.  EPM Live does not recommend hosting this site at the root of a web application.

For example,

EPM Live Analytics URL

There will be a separate IIS site created for EPM Live Analytics that must be accessible by the End users.  A DNS entry will be needed for this url.  The IIS site will be created during installation.

For example:


There will be a separate IIS site created for EPMLive API.  This site only needs to be accessible to the end users if a third party integration is being used.  The IIS site will be created during installation.

For example:

SSL Certificates

If SSL is needed for the above URLs, please ensure to have the certificate imported into IIS and added to the IIS site accordingly in the binding settings within IIS manager. This must be done on all WFE servers as well as the APP server that is running the WorkEngine Timer service. The entire SSL certificate chain must also be added into SharePoint central admin under the “Manage Trusts” page. This means that if you have a root certificate, intermediate certificate, etc. that they must all be uploaded into the “Manage Trusts” page separately as per the example below.

Note: This also includes environments that are using SSL offload.

Database Server and authentication information

Multiple databases are created in SQL for EPM Live.  EPM Live relies upon a SQL Authenticated account for internal database requests.  Mixed mode authentication must be enabled.

Reporting Services URLs

This is the full URL to the report server instance. For example,  Prior to the installation, validate that SSRS has been successfully installed by browsing to it from a local client machine and from each WFE server.


This step is only necessary if you do not have Internet Access available on the application box that runs SharePoint Central Administration.  This must be provided for each SharePoint farm that will have EPM Live installed.

Note: The farm GUID can be found by either of the following:

  • Using Powershell. Powershell: $farm = Get-SPFarm $farm.Id
  • Once EPM Live is installed, the Feature Keys page (located in Central Admin) lists the Farm GUID.

Hardware ID

There is an optional feature called Designer Forms.  If planning to use Designer Forms in any EPM Live Lists, you will need to activate the feature with an activation key.  EPM Live will provide a unique activation key based your server Hardware ID.  

To get your Hardware ID, run the following executable file on EACH Web Front End Server:

Contact your EPM Live Installation Specialist and provide them with your Hardware ID(s).  They will then provide you with the necessary Activation Keys.  Please note, it will take approximately 2 business days for the activation key(s).

After the Designer Forms feature has been activated, the Site Feature must be activated.  Then, Designer Forms can be created from scratch in any EPM Live List.  Also, some pre-created Designer Forms may be available in the App Marketplace.

License Keys

Locate the email with license keys for the environment.



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