EPM Live Installation - EPM Live Installation Package

Download Installation Files

The EPM Live Support Team will notify customers via a release announcement when a new version of EPM Live is available.

Whether you are doing a new install or upgrade, submit a ticket to the support team (log in to https://support.versata.com) with your request for access to the latest EPM Live Installation Package. Include in your request that you are looking to get credentials/information on how to download the latest version of EPM Live.

Your support agent will respond to your ticket & provide the download credentials & information. Only customers with an active support contract may request the credentials. The credentials and information are version specific. So, you will need to make the request with each new version of EPM Live.

Run the EPM Live Installation Package

The following steps need to be run on the server running the SharePoint Central Admin website.

  1. Right-click the installation package, and choose Run As Administrator
  2. Click Next on the opening page of the installer
  3. Read the EULA details, and select the “I Accept” radio button.  Click Next.

Installation Package Custom Setup Window

The Custom Setup page will allow you to change the installation path if needed.  If you would prefer to change the path or drive that EPM Live installs to, click the Change button.  Otherwise, click the Next button.  

Even though you are installing EPM Live 2016, the EPM Live product installs into the folder "EPM Live 2013" on the server.

Note: You will need to do this for EACH feature that is being installed.

Installation Package - Username & Password

  1. Enter in the Username and Password of the Application Pool account.  This account will be used to install the EPM Live Timer and Queue service.  These are Windows Services, so the account will need to be a local administrator on the Application Server. Note: The username must be in the format of domain\username.
  2. Click Install.  The wizard will process the installation for a few moments.
  3. The wizard will finish installing the services.  If there are any errors, troubleshoot them as needed.  Click Finish when it is done.

Installation Steps for SharePoint Farm with Multiple Web Front End Servers

Alternative Farm configuration with multiple Web Front Ends (WFE).  The following needs to be done on each Web Front End server, including the Application server(s).

  • Each additional WFE run the EPM Live installer. However, ONLY select the WorkEngine Core & WorkEngine Timer, nothing else (NOT the Application Server or its child items).
  • Each WFE configure the Loopback.  Refer to the following article, in which method one is the recommended method: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/896861.  
  • Each WFE, the host file needs to point the URL back to its own loopback IP address.  This prevents a double-hop issue.

Additional Step for SharePoint Farm with Multiple Central Administration instances

Farm configuration with multiple Central Administration instances requires an IISRESET after the installation package is run.  Be sure this is done prior to moving on to the next steps.



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