Disaster Recovery - Disaster Recovery Considerations

EPM Live aligns with the Microsoft processes and best practices for SharePoint. There are three primary ways to do the backup/restore of the SharePoint environment; EPM Live supports all three:

  • Backup/Restore via the UI
  • Backup/Restore via a command line
  • Backup/Restore via the content DB backup

In addition to SharePoint’s standard process for backup and restore, do the SQL DB backup and restore on the following custom EPM Live databases:

  • EPM Live Content DB (also referred to as the EPM Live Reporting DB) This is only needed if snapshot data has been saved, if snapshots have been taken.
  • EPM Live DB (Timesheets) This is only needed if timesheets are in use. If not using Timesheets (and there is no historical timesheet data), the installer can be rerun to create the DB rather than doing a backup/restore of this DB.
  • PortfolioEngine DB (only if the Enterprise Level Portfolio Resource and Cost Planning tools are in use either configuration and/or saved portfolio data).

IMPORTANT NOTE: The version of SharePoint and EPM Live has to be the same on both the source farm and destination farm.




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