How to Create a Follow-up Ticket


Overview: A follow-up Ticket can be created if you need to submit a request which is related to an earlier request which is now in the Closed Status.  Creating a follow-up ticket makes it easy to identify the Closed ticket it is related to.


1. Click on “Check your Existing Request” tab
2. Click on “View your Recently solved and closed tickets” link on the right widgetFollow-up_2.png
3. Locate the Closed Ticket you want to make a follow up on from the list of Closed ticketsFollow-up_3.png
4. Click on Ticket Subject to Open Ticket Page
5. Scroll to bottom of Ticket PageFollow-up_4.png
6. Click on “Create a follow-up” Link
7. The ticket creation page opens filling in the following information from the Closed ticket
     a. Product and Software Version
     b. Subject
8. Provide the following information
     a. Request Priority – refer to the SLA agreement
     b. Details – provide details on the issue or reason why a follow-up is being created
9. Click Submit



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