A notification is an alert that goes to the EPM Live end users with information, updates, etc. There a multiple types of Notifications in EPM Live.

  • General Notification Window: is a number in the top right corner of the ribbon. The number indicates how many unread notifications the user has.
  • General Notifications: When a user is assigned to a work item and/or when a user has pending approvals for his/her project schedule. These types of notifications get sent to the user as an email and get added to the General Notification window.
  • Notifications Feature: This is a once daily email that goes to users with a summary of work items assigned. The administrator can configure who gets this type of notification and what type of List Apps are/aren't included.
  • Alerts: The SharePoint Alerts are available on the List Apps and Library Apps. This type of notification is set up by the end users on each List App or Library App. Users can specify what type and when they want to be alerted.



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