What runs daily?

The following services run once a day. The following timers and daily jobs are managed and set by the administrator.

Note: These settings apply to the whole site collection.

1. The Timer

The Timer runs once a day and the time it runs is set by the site collection administrator. It is usually set at off peak hours as utilizes a significant amount of resources and may impact performance. When the timer runs it refreshes items in the Resource Pool (Resources List).

Specifically it:

  • Updates fields mapped for Reporting in the Reporting database tables
  • Updates fields mapped to the PortfolioEngine Database Resources table
  • Copies members of the site permissions groups to the matching Portfolio Permissions groups
  • The Standard Rate column is updated based on the role rate, or the named rate from the Rates Table. Note: The Rates Table supersedes the role rate.

2. Timesheet Cost Timer

Timesheet Cost Timer runs once a day. The time the Timesheet Cost Timer runs, is set by the site collection administrator. The Timesheet Cost Timer is a service on the PortfolioEngine Database that pulls the Timesheet Hours from the EPM Live (Timesheet) Database into the PortfolioEngine Database. The Timesheet Hours will show in the Resource Analyzer and Cost Planner when the Timesheet Cost Timer is complete.

Specifically it:

  • Copies and calculates timesheet costs
  • Copies timesheet hours from EPM Live DB to PortfolioEngine DB and calculates/posts costs (hrsx rate = $ cost).

3. Daily Notifications Email

The Daily Notifications Email is sent out once a day. The time this email gets sent out is set by the site collection administrator. This once-daily email notification is separate from the immediate email & general notification number that is configured in each List App's General Settings.

The daily notifications email is a summary email with active assignments. It includes:

  • Active Tasks, Overdue Tasks, Active Issues, Active Risks, etc.
  • Users can opt out

4. Reporting Refresh

The Reporting Refresh runs daily. When the Reporting Refresh runs, the following takes place.

  • Updates all data from the EPM Live DB to the Reporting DB (EPM Live Content DB) … populates the "TS" Table (TSDatatable Timesheet Data). This includes all timesheet data.
  • Updates all data from the PortfolioEngine DB to the Reporting DB (EPM Live Content DB) … populates the "EPG" Tables This includes all portfolio cost & resource data.
  • Updates Security Table (a table that shows which users are in which groups)
  • Deletes lists & Workspace Sites from the Reporting DB (EPM Live Content DB). This is because deleting an entire list, library, or workspace does not immediately get deleted from the Reporting DB for performance purposes



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