What is the difference between making a resource commitment public or keeping it private?

Generic and named resources can be added to a resource plan and then saved as private or public. This lesson covers adding generic resources to a resource plan and saving two as private and making one public.

1. View the Private Icons

  1. View the private icons to the left of the generic resource roles added to this resource plan.
  2. Click Save.

2. Select No To Keep Resource Plan Rows Private

  • Click "No" to keep the private resource rows noted as private.

Note: By selecting "Yes," all rows will be made public and can be viewed in the Resource Analyzer.

3. Make a Resource Row Public

  1. Select the Resource row that you wish to make public.
  2. Click the "Make Public" button on the ribbon.
  3. Click Save.

4. View the Public Icon

  • View the Public icon to the left of the resource row name.

5. Click Close

  • Click Close.

6. View the Resource Analyzer

  1. Select the project item.
  2. Click Resource Analyzer located on the ribbon.

Note: The Resource Analyzer can be launched from the Project Center, the Resource Center, and Project View Form.

7. Click Display

  • Click Display.

8. View the Resource Analyzer

  • View the public resource roles in the Resource Analyzer.



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