What does the project manager role mean in EPM Live?

In EPM Live, out of the box Project Manager users permissions allow the Project Managers to view, add, update, delete and manage subwebs. Additionally, there's a Project Manager license type in EPM Live which allows the users to have access to the PFE Planners.

Each organization defines what duties their project managers are directly responsible for, but typically defined, a project manager is a person who has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project. This article explains the project managers role in EPM Live.

1. View the Diagram and Roles  

  • View the diagram and roles displayed.

1.1. Step 1 - Top Down Planning

  • Step 1 typically involves a Project Manager creating a project item and entering key project details. It is here that a Cost Plan and Resource Plan can be created.

1.2. Step 2 - Top Down Planning

  • Step 2 typically involves an Executive performing some analysis on the proposed project items and then approving or rejecting these project items.  This is where the Cost Analyzer, Resource Analyzer, Modeler, and Optimizer can be used.

1.3. Step 3 - Top Down Planning

  • Step 3 may include the Resource Managers input. If Resource Negotiations are enabled, then there would typically be some back and forth communication between the Resource Manager and the Project Managers.

1.4. Step 4 - Top Down Planning

  • Step 4 - Once the Project Item has been approved, the Project Manager typically builds a project team, builds a project schedule, assigns resources, and publishes the project schedule. The Team Members are then notified of the tasks they are assigned.

1.5. Step 5 - Top Down Planning

  • Step 5 typically includes the collaboration by the Team Members. After receiving task assignments, Team Members can update the status of their work items in My Work, and collaborate with other team members by adding comments, issues, risks, documents, and more.

1.6. Step 6 - Top Down Planning

  • Step 6 includes the final analysis done by Executives, Project Managers, and Resource Managers. Here they can track items, edit items, close items, and run reports, charts, and dashboards.



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