What are the two types of Workspaces and how are they different?

At the top level of a site collection, end users have the ability to manage work and projects. With "Contribute2" access, they can also create a workspace. A Workspace is a separate site within your site collection. A workspace may be connected to a project or it may a separate site for general team collaboration. Workspace is a general term for any site in your site collection. It is possible to create  two different types of workspaces in EPM Live. Once they create a workspace they have full control (Owner access) of the workspace and can add apps, change the look and feel, and more. This lessons displays the two types of workspaces possible and the differences that exist between the two workspaces.

1. View the Two Types of Workspaces

  1. A workspace created from a list item (from the Ribbon) is a connected (Item) workspace. An Item workspace inherits the team from the list item. It also displays the associated items for the item in the Workspace Navigation Menu.
  2. A workspace created from the Navigation Menu is an Isolated workspace.  An Isolated workspace can be kept private or be open to all from the parent site. There are no associated items displayed on the Navigation Menu as the workspace is separate.

2. View the Item Workspace Button on the Ribbon

  • View the Item Create Workspace button on the Ribbon.

Note: The Create Workspace can be enabled in the List Settings for any list (Programs, Projects, Issues, etc). Once this is enabled, the workspace button will be available on the ribbon. This workspace will be directly connected to the item selected and will display the Associated Items as well as inherit the team from the parent item.

2.1. View the Item Workspace

  1. View the Project Item workspace icon to the right of the project name.
  2. View the project name listed under All Workspaces in the navigation Menu.

Note: Regardless of how members are added to a list workspace, the workspace will inherit the team from the parent item.

2.2. View the Item Workspace Navigation Menu

  • View the Item Workspace Navigation Menu. Notice the Associated Items (from top level) displayed at the workspace level.

3. View the Isolated Create Workspace Button

View the Workspace button on the Icon Bar and the New Workspace Button on the Navigation Menu. The New Workspace button from the Navigation Menu is used to create an Isolated Workspace. This workspace can be marked as open or private.

3.1. View the Options Available when Creating an Isolated Workspace

  1. Enter the title.
  2. Check the Private or Public option.
  3. Select the template type.
  4. Click Create Workspace.

3.2. View the Isolated Workspace Button

  • View the Isolated Workspace button under "All Workspaces" on the Navigation Menu.

3.3. View the Isolated Workspace

  • View the Isolated Workspace and notice there are no Associated Items for this workspace.



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