What are the different types of reports?

No longer do you need a developer to create your reports in EPM Live. EPM Live offers a large catalog of reports in the Classic Reporting and in the EPM Live Analytics advanced reports. There are several stages of report creation and depending on your level of experience in creating reports you can start in any of the report creating stages. This article covers navigating to the Reports Center and viewing the Classic Reports available in EPM Live.

Note: For additional information on using the EPM Live Analytics Reports please see the EPM Live Analytics Guide.

1. Click Reports

  1. Click the Navigation icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click Reports on the Navigation Menu.

2. View the Report Types

View the Report types.

  • EPM Live Analytics: Used to create more advanced analytical reports.
  • Class Reporting: Used to create basic list and SSRS reports.

3. Click the EPM Live Analytics Link

  • Click the EPM Live Analytics Reports link.

3.1. View the EPM Live Analytics Reports Page

  • View the EPM Live Analytics Reports page. Form here it is possible to view, change, create, and design simple to complex reports on the fly.

Note: You must have Report Writer or Report Viewer permissions to view this page.

4. Click the Classics Reports Link

  • Click the Classic Reporting link.

4.1. View the Classic Reports Page

  • View the Classic Reports page. View the displayed dashboard and the list of reports to the right.



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