How is Percent Complete calculated in the Project Planner?

The % Complete fields contain the current status of a task, expressed as the percentage of the task's duration that has been completed (a weighted calculation based on duration of the tasks). When a task is first created, the percent complete is zero percent. If a task is noted as a 10 day task (80 hours of effort) and an update of 50% is entered, then the task has 5 days (40 hours of effort) left. Percent Complete is calculated as follows: Percent Complete = (Actual Duration / Duration) * 100

This article provides an example of how the % Complete is calculated.

Please note this calculation is relevant and applicable when using the Project Planner and Microsoft Project.

1. View the Project % Complete

Both Task 2 (HR Plan) and Task 3 (Determine Project Timeline) have a five day duration. Task 4 (Review Budget) and Task 5 (Rev Dept Needs) each have a one day duration. Since Task 2 is noted as 100%, the summary row is 42%, since 5 of the total 12 days (total duration) is complete.

2. View the Summary Tasks % Complete

Summary tasks are used to group and organize detailed tasks.  The durations for summary tasks are rolled up from the detailed tasks. The Project % Complete is calculated based on the following:

Task 2 and Task 8 are noted as a 100% complete. The sum of the duration for these two tasks is 10 days. The Total Duration for the project includes 32 days. Thus, 10 divided by 32 * 100 = 31%.



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