How does the Timesheet Manager approve a timesheet?

The Timesheet Manager approves or rejects the entire timesheet. This article covers the Timesheet Manager's Approval Process.

1. Navigate to Timesheets

  1. Click the My Workplace icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the My Timesheet link located on Navigation Menu.

2. Click the Timesheet Manager Approval Option

  • Click Timesheet Manager Approval option.

Notice the Notification message indicating 1 timesheet is pending approval.

3. Expand the Resource Name

  • Click the plus sign to the left of the resource name to expand the list.

4. View the Details

  • View the details of the submitted timesheet(s).

5. Check the Approve/Reject Button

  1. Check box to the left of the timesheet(s) to be approved.
  2. Click Approve or Reject button.

6. View the Approved Timesheet

  • View the approved timesheet.

Note: Success of the submitted timesheet hours is visible in the Task Center.

6.1. View  Rejected Timesheet

  • View a rejected timesheet.



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