How does the Project Manager pull the timesheet changes into the project schedule?

The final step of the Timesheet Approval Process includes the Project Manager pulling the timesheet changes into the project schedule. This article covers pulling the timesheet hours entered in the timesheet into the Project Planner schedule.

Note: The Process Updates feature in the Online Project Planner allows the Project Manager to review and accept changes to their project schedule. It is important to note that Process Updates is not related to whether the time submitted in the timesheet will be saved to the Timesheet tables in the database. Instead, Process Updates is for viewing and updating the task details in the schedule. Thus, if the Project Manager approves the updates that show time entered on a task in their project schedule, when they accept the update, the project schedule will show those hours. Then, after publishing the schedule, the tasks in Task Center will also reflect the changes.  Additionally, if a Project Manager rejects the updates that show time entered on a task, the schedule will not include the hours and then upon publishing their plan, the tasks will revert back to the previous value in the Task Center. However, the time entered and saved in the timesheets will not change in the Timesheet tables. So, there would be a possibility for data discrepancy if time is auto-approved, but the Project Manager does not accept the updates to their schedule.

1. View the General Notification Messages

  1. Click the General Notification Box to display the messages in the notifications list.
  2. Click the "Update Awaiting Approval" link.

2. View the Updates

  • Click the "Click here" link to launch the Project Planner and view the updates.

3. Click the Process Updates Link

  • Click the Process Updates link to view the updates made in the timesheets.

4. View the Details and Process the Updates

  • Double click the name of the task to view the details.

5. View the Changes Highlighted in Yellow

  1. View the changes in Timesheet Hours highlighted in yellow.
  2. Click the X in the upper right to close the Details window.

Note:  The Timesheet Hours column is not visible immediately after adding the Timesheet App. To have this column visible, please have your site collection administrator add the additional field in the Planner Settings (Edit Planner).

6. Accept and Process the Changes

  1. Check the boxes below the green check mark.
  2. Click Process.

7. Save and Publish

  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Publish.

8. Close the Planner

  • Click Close.



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