How does a Project Manager reject timesheet items?

When a resource submits a timesheet, the Project Manager and Timesheet Manager are able to approve or reject the time entered. This article covers rejecting timesheet items by the Project Manager.

Note: The Timesheet Approval Process includes the Project Manager pulling the timesheet changes made by the users into the project schedule. The Process Updates feature in the Online Project Planner allows the Project Manager to review and accept changes to their project schedule. It is important to note that Process Updates is not related to whether the time submitted in the timesheet will be saved to the Timesheet tables in the database. Instead, Process Updates is for viewing and updating the task details in the schedule. Thus, if the Project Manager approves the updates that show time entered on a task in their project schedule, when they accept the update, the project schedule will show those hours. Then, after publishing the schedule, the tasks in Task Center will also reflect the changes.  Additionally, if a Project Manager rejects the updates that show time entered on a task, the schedule will not include the hours and then upon publishing their plan, the tasks will revert back to the previous value in the Task Center. However, the time entered and saved in the timesheets will not change in the Timesheet tables. So, there would be a possibility for data discrepancy if the Project Manager does not accept the updates to their schedule.

1. Navigate to Timesheets

  1. Click the My Workplace icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the Timesheets link on the Navigation Menu.

2. Click the Project Manager Link

  • Click the Project Manager link. Once a timesheet has been saved and submitted, it is time for the Project Manager's Approval.

Note: The Project Manager approves at the task level.

3. Expand the List

  • Click the plus signs to the left of the project name to expand the list.

4. Expand Name(s)

  • Click the plus signs to the left of the resource name to expand the list.

5. Reject the Listed Items

  1. Check the boxes to the left of the items that are to be approved or rejected. For this lesson, the items will be approved.
  2. Click the Approved button located on the Timesheet tab.

6. View the Rejected Items

  • View the rejected work items.

Note: No automatic email is sent when timesheet items are rejected.



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