How do I view the Notifications list?

The Notifications (System Notifications and General Notifications) box appears in the upper right corner next to the user's name and is used to notify the individual currently logged in that new items have been assigned to them or updates have been made. The Notifications number will change when the resource is assigned new items or when updates have been made. Once the individual clicks on the Notifications box, a list will be displayed. After clicking away from the list, the Notifications number will then reflect the number zero and will only change when new items are once again assigned or further updates have been made.

Click the Notifications Box

  • Click the Notifications box located in the upper right corner.

View the Items Listed

  • View the displayed list of items.

Verify Displayed Number is Zero

  • Click away from the list to verify the notifications number displayed returns to zero. The displayed items in the list will be present for fourteen days.



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