How do I view the associated items in a workspace?

Associated Items can be accessed via the Navigation Menu for workspaces that are connected. The Associated Items feature makes it possible to view any associated items (e.g.  Tasks, Documents, and Issues) of a selected list item (e.g. Project Item). This lesson covers viewing associated issues from a Project Item workspace.

Note: Isolated Workspaces will not display any associated items on the Navigation Menu.

1. Navigate to the Project Workspace

  • Click the Project Workspace Icon to the right of the project name in the Project Center.

Note: It is possible to navigate to a project workspace via the Navigation Menu from the Icon Bar.

2. View the Associated Items List

  1. View the associated items.
  2. Click the associated Issues link.

Note:  The title of the Project Item is listed among the associated items and if selected will display the Project View Form.

3. View the Associated Issues

  1. View the associated issues.
  2. Click the name of the issue to drill into the details.

Note: Because this workspace is a connected workspace, all new issues added from this form will have the project name automatically populated.

4. View the Details

  • View the details of the issue.



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