How do I use the User Guide?

This guide is relevant for EPM Live 2013. This guide is applicable to the SharePoint 2013 platform. When reading this User Guide, be aware of applicable Version Notes that clarify if a specific feature, option, or setting was/wasn't available prior to a specific version of the solution.

This article displays the EPM Live Education Page and the User Guide Page.

Note: Depending on if you are an Online or On-Premise customer (Online = EPM Live hosted & Onsite/On-Premise = client hosted), some areas of the tool might look and/or act differently based on which type of environment you have.For example, when a new user is added to a site, the number and type of email notifications they receive will be dependent upon on their environment. Look for notes throughout this guide that specify how your environment may affect your use of EPM Live.

1. View the EPM Live Education Page

  1. View the EPM Live Education Page.
  2. Click the EPM Live 2013 User Guide link.

2. View the EPM Live Training Documentation Page | 2013 User Guide - Windows Internet Explorer

  • View the list of topics on the left which are expandable and the titles with links on the right.

Note: EPM Live supports the most recent versions of several commonly used web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. However, certain web browsers could cause some EPM Live or SharePoint functionality to be downgraded, limited, or available only through alternative steps.



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