How do I use the Total Column Feature within the Resource Analyzer?

In the Resource Analyzer, the "Total Column" feature makes it possible to display additional columns, totals by resources, and resource by roles. This lesson covers using the Totals Column feature within the Resource Analyzer for comparison data.

1. Click the Total Column Button

  • Click the Total Column button in the bottom of the split screen.

2. Add the Columns to be Displayed

  1. Select the desired columns to be displayed in the bottom grid.
  2. Click Add and then click OK.

The available columns include:

Totals equals the total sum of hours from whatever is selected in the Total Details group in the Top Grid.

Actual Work equals Timesheet Actuals entered.

Proposed Work equals resource planned work that has not yet been committed.  This is applicable to customers using the Resource Negotiations feature.

Scheduled Work equals the work allocation pulled in from the designated work lists.  Typically this includes hours from tasks published to the Task Center, but your site may be configured to also include hours from other work lists (i.e. Issues, Risks, etc.)

Committed Work equals the hours in resource plans that have been committed.

Personal Time Off pulls in the hours entered into the Time Off list.

Availability equals the number of work hours each resource is available for each calendar period (monthly/weekly/quarterly/etc.). It is important to note that this is resource specific based on each resource’s work hours schedule and holiday schedule.

Remaining Availability equals Availability - Total column value.

Note: The Heat map can be turned off by un-checking the Enable Heat map box, if desired.

3. View the Added Column(s)

  • View the added column ( Remaining Availability).

4. Click the Total Column Button

  • Click the Total Column button.

5. Click The Totals by Roles Option

  1. Click the Totals by Role option.  If you are totaling by role, you can show Roles or Cost Category Roles. A role would be Developer.  A cost category role is how the roles are distinguished for cost planning (i.e. Labor.Developer vs Contractor.Developer).
  2. Click OK.

6. View the Totals By Roles

  • View the Totals by Roles is displayed.



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