How do I use the Portfolio Center?

The Projects Portfolios list is a central list of Portfolio names used for grouping and organizing projects within your site app. A Portfolio Item can have multiple projects associated to it. This is an optional feature and is not required. A Portfolio contains a set of projects that may not all be related, but that are all associated to a strategic initiative or goal of the company. The benefit of using this app is that it’s a way to “tag” projects with this metadata classification to be able to view the project-related data and health at a higher level, such as by Portfolio. This article covers navigating, adding, and editing a Project Portfolio Item in the Portfolios List.

1. Click the Portfolios Link

  • Click the Portfolios link on the Navigation Menu.

2. View the Portfolios List

  • View the Project Portfolios list.

3. Click the Create a New Item Button

  • Click the New Item button.

4. Enter a Title

  1. Enter the title of the Portfolio name in the field provided.
  2. Add additional desired information.

Note:  Any field indicated with a red asterisk must be completed prior to saving.

5. Save

  1. Complete additional fields.
  2. Click Save.

6. View New Portfolio Item View Form (Control Page)

  • View the new Portfolio Item View Form (Control Page).

Note: Depending on how your site has been configured, your view form may appear differently.

7. Click Close

  • Click Close.

8. View New Portfolio Item

  • View the newly added Project Portfolio Item in the Portfolios list.

9. Edit the Item

  • Double click under the desired column to make a change in any of the respective field(s). Click away to see the change made.

10. View the Change

  • View the saved change made.



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