How do I use the Periods and Values feature in the Modeler?

The Periods and Values feature allows you to change the periods that are displayed, and select to show the quantity or FTE column, costs, and or decimal places in grids. This lesson covers using the Periods and Values feature in the Modeler.

1. Click Periods and Values

  • Click Periods and Values located on the ribbon.

2. Select the From Period

  • Click in the From Period box and select the desired "From Period".

3. Select the To Period

  1. Click in the To Period box.
  2. Select the desired "To Period".

4. Select the Drag Range

  • Select the  From and To drag dates. This will allow the users to drag the data out into future or back into earlier months.

5. Click OK

  1. Select to show the Quantity column, the Cost data, and/or decimals places in the cost data.
  2. Click OK.

6. View the Selected Periods

  • View the selected periods and values.



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