How do I use the Move and Publish feature in the Resource Analyzer?

It is possible to move data by dragging the cells to the desired location in the Resource Analyzer. Once this is done, the changes can be published using the Publish button and the changes will be reflected in the Resource Plan and in the Resource Analyzer. This article covers using the Move (drag and drop) feature and the Publish button in the Resource Analyzer.

1. Select the Resource Row

  • Select the resource row. The above selected resource hours will be moved out one month.

2. Drag the Hours to the Right

  • Move the hours by dragging the cells with your mouse to the right.

3. View the Moved Data

  • View the changes made. After releasing the mouse, the data is displayed in the new location and a check mark will appear to the left of the expanded item. This check mark indicates that this change has not been published yet.  

4. Click Publish

  1. Click the Analyzer tab.
  2. Click Publish.


5. Click OK

  • Click OK.

6. Click Close

  • Click Close.



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