How do I use the Manage Copies Feature?

Different organizations have different hierarchy structures. In some applications there can be some areas where specific users are not allowed to access documents or at least where the actual storage location exists. On the other hand, there would be some business requirements where users need to at least read a single document without knowing it's actual storage location. The solution is to use the Manage Copies feature which allows one to keep an updated copy of an original document at any other location without exposing the original file location. This article covers using the Manage Copies feature to manage more than one copy of a document in different locations but maintain the unique data at a single location.

1. Click Manage Copies

  • Click Manage Copies on the ribbon.

2. Click the "New Copy" Link

  • A dialog box appears which has two options on the top, one is New Copy and other is Update Copies. The New Copy link creates a new copy of the document and the Update Copies link updates the copy with new data updated in the original document. Click on "New Copy" link.

2.1. View the Destination Document Library

  • In the Edit Copy Dialog box, view where the copy of a document is stored and the name of the document.

2.2. Change/Remove Original URL

  1. In the Edit Copy dialog box, select where the copy of a document will be stored and the name of the copied document.
  2. Select whether the user needs to be prompted or not in order to update the copy, whenever a user checks in a document. Select "Yes" for prompting the user.
  3. Click OK.

2.3. View the Newly Copied Document

  • View the "Copies that prompts for updates" that has been added.

3. Update Copies from the Manage Copies

If a file was copied to one or more different libraries, you can update all of the different copies from one location on the Manage Copies page, which is accessible from any copy of an item.

  1. From the Document List, select the document.
  2. Click View Item.

4. Click Manage Copies

  • Click Manage Copies.

5. Click Update Copies

  • Click the Update Copies link.

5.1. Select the Copies to be Updated

  1. Check the boxes ot the left of the copies to be updated.
  2. Click OK.

5.2. Click OK

  • Click OK.



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