How do I use the Is Assignment Flag in the Project Planner?

The "Is Assignment" field is a Yes/No field. “Yes” indicatesthat the task type is an Individual task, not a Shared task type. Thus, after publishing a task schedule from the Project Planner, a user can add the "Is Assignment" column to the view in the Task Center. If the task was noted as an Individual task in the Project Planner, then the “Is Assignment” box will be populate with a check mark. This article explains how the "Is Assignment" field is used in the Project Planner and Task Center.

Note: The Online Planner may be configured with either Shared or Individual tasks as the default.

  • Shared = the work is shared (split) between the assigned resources. When publishing, only one item total is published per task.
  • Individual = a task is added to the schedule and the amount of work is assigned separately to each resource added to the task. Thus, upon publishing, one item per resource assignment is published.

1. View the Project Planner Schedule

  1. View the project schedule and note that the tasks have purposely been named to indicate the specific task type.
  2. Under the Views tab, click the Show Assignments option.

2. View the Assignments

  1. View the assignment breakdown.
  2. Click the Select Columns button.

3. Add Columns

  1. Check the Is Assignment and Task Type check boxes.
  2. Click OK.

3.1. View the Columns

  1. View the added columns.
  2. Select a task.
  3. Click the Details option below the Tasks tab.

4. View the Task Type and Work Assigned

  1. Click the Resource icon in the Details window.
  2. View the Task Type.
  3. View the Resource names and the work (hours) assigned. Make desired changes to hours assigned.

5. Save and Publish

Save and publish the project schedule.

6. Add Columns in the Task Center

  1. Click the Select Columns button on the View Tool Bar.
  2. Check the Is Assignment box and Resource Names box.
  3. Click Apply.

6.1. View the Task List

  1. View the Check marks within the column "Is Assignment" indicating the task type as Individual.
  2. View the task list. Note: Each Individual task is listed below a summary task heading and displays each task assignment, the resources, and the separate work assigned.



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