How do I use the Header Bar?

The Header Bar displays the title of the site collection or the current location within the site collection. Additionally, it contains the Search Site option, the Help Menu, the Notifications Box, and the Profile Menu. This article covers the features available on the Header Bar.

1. Use the Search Icon

  • Click the Search Icon on the Header Bar to search for specific words or phrases.

1.1. Enter the Search Title

  1. Type the desired word(s) in the search field.
  2. Tap your Enter key.

1.2. View the Returned Results

  • View the returned results.

2. Use the Help Icon

  • Click the Help icon.

3. Click the Profile Menu

  1. Click the Profile Menu.
  2. Click the Update Profile Photo.

Note: The menu options may vary depending on your environment and your permission level.

3.1. Click Browse

  • Click Browse to locate your photo.

3.2. Select your Photo

  1. Select your photo.
  2. Click Open.

3.3. Click Upload

Click Upload
  • Click Upload.

3.4. Crop the Photo

  1. Drag the corners of the box to crop the photo.
  2. Click Save.

3.5. View the Profile Picture

  • View the Profile picture. The profile picture will be displayed throughout EPM Live in various places which may include the Resource Pool, the Social Stream, and Notifications box.

Note: Depending on your environment and your site permissions your screen may look different.



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