How do I use the Grouping feature in the Resource Analyzer?

It is possible to group by column order using the Grouping feature. This lesson covers using the Grouping feature in the Resource Analyzer.

1. View the Show Grouping Buttons

  • View the Show Grouping buttons available in the top and bottom of the split screen view.

2. Click the Show Grouping Button

  • Click the Show Grouping button on the ribbon in the top of the split screen.

3. Drag Desired Column Column Heading into First Position

  • Using the mouse, drag the desired column heading into first position where the caption is displayed.

4. Expand the Project Items

  • Click the plus sign to the left of the Department name(s).

5. View the Displayed Grouping Order

  • View the displayed grouping order.

Note: To remove any grouping, drag the column heading to the original position.



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