How do I use the filters in a List Dashboard?

Filters may be added to the list view dashboard pages. Dashboards may include both charts and tables of different list data. Your administrator may configure dashboards with a filter on any EPM Live list. The filters allow for filtering on different types of data. Some examples include the Project Dashboard and the Issues Dashboard.

This article explains how to use filters on the Project Dashboard example, which is a view report for the Project Center List. The filter in this example is based on the Project State field. However, your administrator may configure the dashboard filter to be based on any field in the list (ex: Project Type, Portfolio, Project Department, etc.).

1. View the Proposed and Active Project Items

  • View the two categories: Proposed and Active within the Executive Summary view. Note the two project items within the Proposed category and the five project items displayed in the Active category.

2. View the Project Dashboard and the Available Filters

  • View the Project Dashboard and the available filters. Filters are beneficial as they allow a user to display data on select items. For example, a user may want to filter only active project items.

3. Use the Filter to Display the Active Projects Only

  1. Click in the first tier filter (State field) and remove the check mark from the Proposed box.
  2. Check the box to the left of Active category and then click out of the State box.
  3. Click the Filter button to the right.

4. Check All

  1. Click in the second tier filter (Title box).
  2. Select the project names (check all to include all active projects).
  3. Click the outside the box.

Note: The administrator may have the 2nd tier of filter turned on or off.

5. Click the Filter Button

  • Click the Filter button.

6. View the Displayed Results

  • View the displayed results.



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