How do I use the Date Range filters in My Work?

It is possible to view work items due within a a specified date range using the Date Range filters. This lesson covers using the Date Range filters in My Work. The Date Range filters may be set by your site administrator to determine the default Date Range filters. If you make any changes in the My Work page (e.g. change date range numbers), the filters will be updated specific for you as the user, and will be saved for you when you access the My Work page again.

Enter the Number of Days

  1. Click anywhere in the My Work grid to activate the ribbon.
  2. Check the box for past or future.
  3. Enter the number of days (past or future) in the box in the Work Filter group.

View the Work Items

  • View the Work Items due in the specified date range.

Note: Any items without a Due Date will always show in the My Work page.



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