How do I use the Commit Strategy button?

After saving a strategy, it is possible to commit the strategy. Once the strategy has been committed, it can be reflected in select views. This article covers committing a saved strategy.

1. View the Saved Strategy

  • View the saved strategy name displayed in the Current Strategy box. View the project items in the Selected group and those in the Unselected group.

2. Click Commit Strategy

  • Click Commit Strategy located on the ribbon.

3. Click OK

  • Click OK.

4. Click Close to Close the Optimizer

  • Click Close to exit the Optimizer.

5. Add the Selected Column to the View

  1. Click in the Columns button.
  2. Check the Selected option.
  3. Click Apply.

6. View the Selected Column

  • View the Selected column indicating which project items have been selected and which have not been selected.



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