How do I use the Associated Items feature?

Associated Items can be accessed from the View Form of list items and from the ribbon. The Associated Items feature makes it possible to view any associated items (e.g. Risks, Tasks, Documents, and Issues) of a selected list item (e.g. Project Item). This article covers to methods used to view associated items. Specifically this article will show how to view the associated items of a project from the Project Center. 

1. Click the Projects Link

  1. Click the Navigation icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click Projects on the Navigation Menu.

2. Method 1: View the Project View Form

  • Click the project name to drill into the View Form.

2.1. View the Associated Items Group

  • View the Associated Items Group. The numbers to the right indicate how many associated items exist.

2.2. View Details

Hover over the numbers in the bubble to view the details. From the pop-up window you may:

  • Click the name of the associated item to drill into the details of each item.
  • Click the plus to add a new item from this pop-up window.

2.3. View Additional Associated Items

  • Click the visible associated items links to drill into  additional details. In this example, the Tasks Center Associated items or the Portfolio Item can be drilled into by clicking on the titles.

3. Method 2: Click the Associated Items Group on the Menu

  1. Check the boxes to the left of the project names.
  2. Click the Items tab.


  • Click the desired associated item within the Associated Items group on the ribbon.

Note: The options listed under the Associated Items menu are dependent on what apps are added to the system. That is, Backlog items will not appear if the optional add-in Backlog App has not been added.

3.2. Click Issues  

  • Click the Issues option within the Associated Items group.

3.3. View the Associated Issues

  • View the displayed associated issues. New issues can be added from the new item button and the listed issues can be viewed and edited.

Note:  When a workspace is connected to a project item, the Associated Items are displayed on the Navigation Menu at the workspace level.



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