How do I use the Assignment Planner?

Using the Assignment Planner makes it possible to make changes to a task schedule.  The Assignment Planner enables you to look at resources and see what items they are assigned to across all projects and visually see where they are over allocated. It is possible to move task dates and publish these changes from within the Assignment Planner. Once published, these changes are reflected in the Task Center and My Work. This article covers using the Assignment Planner.

1. View the Assignment Planner

  • View the Assignment Planner. View allocation areas at bottom of screen. Any red areas indicate where a resource is over allocated.

Note: The numbers appearing in the green and red bars (lower right) on the bottom represent the number of hours assigned to that resource for that given period of time.  By default, a red bar would appear if a resource is assigned to more than eight hours in a day, indicating the resource is now over allocated.  

2. Alleviate Over Allocation - Option 1: Change Dates Fields or Move Task Bars

  • Drag the bars in the Gantt Chart to the right. To alleviate some over-allocation, move work item dates by dragging the Gantt bars or by changes the date fields. Notice when the bar has been pushed to the right, dates have changed, and the over-allocation has been relieved minimizing the red at bottom.

3. Alleviate Over Allocation - Option 2: Edit Item

  1. Select the work item.
  2. Click Edit Item.

3.1. Edit Item

  1. Reassign the item to another resource or edit the work hours/dates. In this example, the work item is assigned to another resource.
  2. Click Save.

3.2. View Allocation

  • View changes made and allocation.

4. Click Publish

  • Click Publish on the ribbon. Once published, these changes are reflected in the Task Center and My Work.

Note: A user (team member) who is not on a particular project team can select a resource name from the Resource Center, and edit a task in the Assignment Planner. Although a team member is able to edit/change the dates displayed, no real changes take place. The dates remain the same in the Task Center. A Project Manager who is not on the project team of the specific task to be edited can edit items in the Assignment Planner, but again - no real changes take place (values stay the same in Task Center). It isn't until the Project Manager is added to the team of the specific task that any changes made in the Assignment Planner will stick after publishing and displayed in the Task Center. The Assignment Planner pulls from the Task List and Issues List, so what users can do depends on the permissions they have for tasks and lists (issues if they have Contribute Permissions). Any task changes would appear in the Planner and have to be approved or rejected.



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