How do I use the "Show Me" option within the Resource Planner?

The Show Me feature makes it possible to display values in hours, full-time equivalent numbers (head counts), or full-time equivalent percent values in the top grid as well as Committed, Remaining, and Available Hours in the bottom grid. This lesson covers using the "Show Me" feature within the Resource Planner.

1. Select the Display Value

  1. In the top half of the screen, click the Show Me box.
  2. Select from Hours, FTE (Full-time Equivalent), or FTE Percent.  

2. View the Selected Displayed Values

  • View the selected displayed values. These numbers reflect the percentage in FTEs (full-time equivalent) that the resources are working on that displayed project(s).

3. Select from the Options: Remaining, Committed, or Available

  1. In the bottom half of the screen, click in the Show Me box.
  2. Select from the options: Remaining, Committed, or Available.  

Note: The Resource Planner shows Available , Committed, and Remaining hours.

  • Available = the number of available hours for that month. The months may be different depending on the number of working days and holidays within the month. Each user’s availability is calculated as: their work hours schedule minus their holiday schedule. This means, the number of working hours per period (ex: per month), minus any holidays in that period.
  • Committed = the hours committed to a other project resource plans, plus (+) the newly entered hours on the current project's Resource Plan, plus any Personal Time Off hours. Personal Time-off is considered (part of) the Committed Hours in the Resource Planner.
  • Remaining = the remaining hours left (Available - Committed Hours).

4. View the Selected Displayed Values

  • View the selected displayed values.



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