How do I use the "Drag Files Here" option to upload a document?

There are times that you may want to upload a document that is not associated to a project item. Use the Drag File Here option to quickly drag and drop a file into the Documents Library. This article covers uploading a document using the Drag Files Here option available in the Documents Library.

Note: Depending on your environment and your site permissions your screen may look different.

1. Navigate to Documents

  1. Click the Navigation icon on the Icon Bar.
  2. Click the Documents link on the Navigation Menu.

2. Select and Drag Document

  1. Select the desired document.
  2. Hold the Control key down and drag the document to the drag files here web part. Release the mouse and then the Control key.

3. Refresh Screen

  1. Click the Refresh link to refresh your screen (F5).
  2. Expand the Project Heading.

4. View the Uploaded Document

  • View the uploaded document.

Note: This document is not associated to any project item. If you would like to associated it to a project, use the Edit View Form to add the title of the associated project name.

Note: These steps are applicable for uploading a document at the workpsace level in Shared Documents.



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