How do I use Fancy Forms?

Fancy Forms have been created to allow the user to focus on what is important to them in a user friendly display. That is, fields of similar type are grouped together and can be collapsed or expanded. Out of the box, Fancy forms are on any list and are accessed via the View Item option available from the ellipsis menu.This article covers viewing the Fancy Form of a project item.

1. Highlight the Project Item

  • Highlight the Project Item. Hover over the project item and the ellipsis dots will appear to the right of the project name.

2. Select the View Item Option

  • Click the ellipsis dots and select the View Item option.

3. Show Details

  • View the groups within the Fancy Form. Click the plus sign to show the additional detailed information.

4. Hide Details

  • Click the minus sign to hide the details.

5. Attachments

  • A document or image may be uploaded and attached to this project list item by clicking on the plus sign to the right of the Attachments heading. Please note, the attached document will not show in the  Project Documents Library.


5.1. View Attachment Items

  • Click on the item name to view the item.

Note: When clicking on a document title, the word processing application used will be launched and the user will be prompted to log in.

5.2. View Attached Image

  • View the attached logo.


6. Views the Additional Groups

  • Scroll to view the Dates group and the Associated Items group.

7. View the Associated Items Details

  • The numbers listed in the bubbles to the right indicate the number of existing Associated Items. To view them, hover over the bubbles.  

8. Drill into the Details

  • Click the name of the item to drill into the details or click the ellipsis dots to access the View Item option.

Note: The plus sign can be used to create a new item.

9. View the Item Details

  • View the item details.



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