How do I use Designer Forms?

There are three forms for every List App: the New Form, the Edit Form, and the Display (View) Form. These forms may or may not look different depending on your organization. The Designer Forms allow for organizing the forms into logical sections and tabs. The Designer Forms can be used on any List App as an alternative to the Standard Forms, which are SharePoint forms. Once the feature is activated in your site, then, a Designer Form can be used on any List App. This article covers accessing and using the Designer Form from the Project Center.

1. Navigate to the Project Center

  • Click the Projects link on the Navigation Menu.

2. Click New Item

  • Click the New Item button.

2.1. Enter the Required Fields

  • There are two tabs on the New form. Enter the required fields indicated by a red asterisk in the New Form on the General tab.

2.2. Click the Prioritization Tab

  1. Click the Prioritization tab.
  2. Enter the Business Initiative.
  3. Enter the four additional fields that make up the prioritization score. These weighted fields can be configured by your site collection administrator.
  4. Click Save.

Note: You may or may not see these prioritization options depending on your organization. The Prioritization feature is a combination of business driver choice fields and score calculation fields. The following business driver choice fields are used for calculations. Additional business driver choice fields and/or changes to the available choices can be created/done in the List App as well. Based on the out-of-box configuration of the Prioritization App, the users would select from the available choices for the following fields:

Strategic Alignment:

  • Not Aligned to Corporate Business Objectives
  • Moderately Aligned to Corporate Business Objectives
  • Strategically Aligned to Corporate Business Objectives

Cost Reduction:

  • No Cost Reduction
  • Cost Reduction of less than 10%
  • Cost Reduction by 10% - 35%
  • Cost Reduction by 35% - 60%
  • Cost Reduction by 60% - 100%

Improve Employee Satisfaction:

  • No Employee Satisfaction
  • Moderately Increases Employee Satisfaction
  • Greatly Increases Employee Satisfaction
  • Significantly Increases Employee Satisfaction


  • No Risk
  • Minimal Risk Impact
  • Moderate Risk Impact
  • High Risk Impact
  • Severe Risk Impact

By default in the Out-Of-Box solution, there are four business drivers, which each have a weight of 25% of the total score.

3. Click View Item

  • Select the View Item option from the ellipsis menu.

3.1. View the Designer Form View Form

  • View the information entered on the General tab.

3.2. View the Health Tab

  • Click the Health tab and view the information in the View Form.

Notice the arrows to the left of Buget& Costs, Schedule, Work, and Issues. These are called accordions and are used to collapse and expand additional detailed information.

3.3. Expand the Accordions

  • Click the accordions (arrows) to view additional hidden information.

3.4. Click the Prioritization Tab

  1. View the information on the Prioritization tab.
  2. Click Close.

4. View the Edit Form

  • Select the Edit Item option from the ellipsis menu.

4.1. View the General Tab

  • View the General tab in edit mode.

4.2. View the Health Tab

  • View the Health tab in edit mode.

4.3. View the Prioritization Tab

  • View the Prioritization tab in  edit mode.



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