How do I use choice filters and slider filters in the Optimizer?

This lesson covers making project selections using choice filters and slider filters in the Optimizer.

1. Select from the Choice Field

  1. Click the State box.
  2. Un-check those to be excluded.
  3. Click away from the box.

2. View the Unselected Project Item

  • View the unselected project item displayed.

3. Drag the Slider Bar

  • One way to use the slider filters is to drag the slider bars to the right or left. Drag the slider bar to the right. The values displayed will change as you move the bars from left to right.

4. Click the Prioritization Numbers

  1. Another way to change the slider field numbers is to click directly on the numbers displayed below the heading.
  2. Type the desired numbers in the boxes.
  3. Click OK.

5. View the Manually Entered Numbers

  • View the manually entered numbers displayed.

6. View the Project Items

  • View the project items that have been moved to the unselected rows based on the filters put into place.



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