How do I update the status of an issue?

Updating an issue can be done in My Work or in the Issues list. This article covers updating the status of an issue and viewing the Status Indicators in the Issues list.

1. Click the Issues Link

  • Click the Issues link on the Navigation Menu.

2. Click Edit Item

  1. Click the ellpsis menu (...) located ot the right of the issue to be updated.
  2. Click Edit Item.

3. Update the Status

  1. Click in the Status field box and select the current status.
  2. Click the Save button.

4. View the Status Indicators



Status Indicators:

  • A square indicates the item status is Not started.
  • A check-mark indicates the item status is Completed.
  • A circle with 2 lines indicates the item status is Deferred.
  • An arrow to the right indicates the item status is In progress.
  • A circle with an L indicates the item status as Waiting on someone else.




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