How do I update Project Information with Project Publisher?

This article explains how to update the project-level information in Microsoft Project. The dialog box has project item information that will sync back to your EPM Live project in Project Center.

1.  Open the Publisher Menu

2.  Select Project Options

3.  Select Project Information

3.1  Update Project Information

The editable fields from your project form will show. Update any fields as needed. When the next project publish finishes, your project item will be updated in the Project Center accordingly.

3.2  Hide Project Information

If you have completed your project information, and no longer want to be prompted to update project information when you publish your plan going forward, select the check box for Do not show project information dialog again.

Should you want to re-enable the Resource Map window to appear when you next publish, go to the Project Options menu. Under Publish Options, deselect the check box for Hide project information on publish.




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