How do I update my project progress with Project Publisher?

After a task schedule has been published from Microsoft Project to EPM Live, team members update their tasks in My Work or the Task Center. These updates need to be pulled back into the Microsoft Project schedule using the Update Progress button. This article covers using the Update Progress button in Microsoft Project to view task updates and update the project schedule.

1. View the Updates Made in My Work

  • View the updates made by team members in the My Work Center.

2. Click Edit Plan

  1. Check the box to the left of the project name in the Project Center.
  2. Click Edit Plan.

3. Select Microsoft Project

  • Click Microsoft Project .

4. Sign In

  1. If prompted for your login, enter your User name and Password.

  2. You MUST select the checkbox for Sign me in automatically. Otherwise MS Project will launch in read-only mode, and you won’t be able to update your plan.

  3. Click Sign in.

5. Click the Publisher Tab

  • Click the Publisher tab.

6. Click Update Progress

  • Click Update Progress on the ribbon.

Note: The Update Progress button pulls in any changes to tasks for this project made in EPM Live for you to review.

7. Click the Task Name

  • Click on the tasks to view the Task Information details.

8. View the Task Details

Review the Task Details window. When finished, click OK.

  • Task Name
  • Task Start & Finish Dates
  • Modified by: the team member/user who made the updates to the task
  • Fields: The information highlighted in yellow compare the current value in project plan to the newly updated/proposed value
  • Bread crumb: The task hierarchy within the project plan
  • Resources: The resource(s) assigned to the task
  • Notes: Notes entered into the Notes field for the task in EPM Live (typically entered by the team member in either Task Center or My Work)
  • Approval Notes: Enter any approval notes you want to publish to the task, for the team member to see in Task Center or My Work.  These notes show up as two fields in Task Center: Publisher Approval Comments & Publisher Approval Status
  • Send Email: Click Send Email to launch a new email message in your default mail application to the resource(s) assigned to the task.

9. Approve or Reject the Task Updates

  1. Check the box below the green check mark to approve the task update.  Those tasks will be updated according to the accepted changes.
  2. Check the box below the red x to reject the task update.  Those tasks will not be updated.  Then, the next time you publish, the task in Task Center will revert back or get changed to whatever is publishing from the project plan.
  3. Click OK.

10. Save your Project Plan

  • Click Yes to save your project.

11. View the Schedule with Task Updates

Make any additional changes to your project plan as needed. Then, publish your plan to make the latest version of the plan available to the team in EPM Live.



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